Welcome to Husky Tape Converting

The Adhesive Tape Specialists

Husky Tape is an Australian owned company established in 1971. We import and export a comprehensive range of self adhesive tapes,
from packaging to construction tapes and everything in between. We also provide a range of specialist services such as:
slitting, die cutting, laminating, rewinding and custom labelled products.

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Husky Tape. Suppliers of double sided tapes, adhesive tapes and dispensers.

With over 45 years of experience servicing many Australian and overseas companies, we have established a large distributor network capable of providing a complete range of products and services, and have become a leading supplier in the industry, and are known as 'The Adhesive Tape Specialists'.

The vast product range includes stationery, packaging, felt, foam sealing, duct, glazing, electrical, double sided, Very High Bond and general purpose tape. We also supply hook and loop products, bumpers, hanger tabs and hanger strips, masking and mounting tape and a wide selection of adhesive systems and double sided joining and mounting products.

We are the exclusive distributors for the Acribond range of products, which offer outstanding ageing and weathering resistance and high performance adhesion.

We also carry a complimentary range of tape dispensers, from hand held, to desk or bench mount, and even into electronic definite length dispensing models.

We are also the exclusive agents for Kikusui in the Australasian region.

Husky Tape products are used across multiple industries and for many diverse applications. Contact us via phone or email to see if we can assist you with your any of your adhesive tape requirements.

Husky Tape has a modern factory in Sydney Australia, with the latest in converting equipment through which we can offer quality products off the shelf, or made to order. The familiar Husky Dog Logo is well respected as a sign of quality products in thousands of factories, offices, warehouses, shops and homes.

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Acribond. High strength acrylic foam tape.

Acribond is a high strength acrylic foam tape that provides greater performance and simplicity of use over traditional fastening and bonding solutions. Over the last 17 years, Acribond has proven to be a consistent and dependable bonding solution. In industries such as vehicle manufacturing, solar panels, electronics manufacturers, sign and display firms, and facades building companies it is providing a reliable adhesive solution. Acribond also has superb weatherability and aging properties, excellent temperature resistance and precise high quality long lasting bond.

In tests conducted by the C.S.I.R.O, Acribond meets the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) structural bonding standards, assuring product quality, reliability safety standards. . Acribond is widely used in the construction industry affixing aluminum composite panels to building facades, some examples of which are on our website.

Acribond has O.E.M approvals (Original Equipment Approvals) by leading companies in many manufacturing industries. For example, Alucobond has approved Acribond for use with their composite panels, and both Volvo and Volkswagen also use it in the manufacturing of some of their vehicles. ThyssenKrupp is also among the manufacturing leaders that have approved Acribond for use in their elevators.

As well as providing various Acribond products, we also offer various tape specialists services such as die cutting, slitting, and rewinding. Our ability to provide custom sizes has been an important factor in our success both in the Australian and international markets. Most important, availability of custom sizes ensures that Acribond is cost effectively used.

As a market leader in the adhesive tape industry, Husky Tape is always ready to demonstrate the capabilities of Acribond for your project. In addition to offering high-quality products, we also provide fast, efficient service, and quick order turnaround, enabling our clients to complete their projects on time. Our keen pricing also gives our clients a competitive edge in a very aggressive marketplace. Our price competitiveness is certainly a key reason we have gained recognition as a leading supplier in the industry.

Husky Tape is the exclusive Australian distributor for Acribond acrylic foam tapes.