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Special Pricing

As you are aware, we no longer have a traditional published pricelist and have not for some time now, instead we have live pricing online that is accessed via your distributor login. We have been forced to suspend special pricing and default to pricing on our live site.

For sizes not listed, we have a formula for calculating non-standard and unlisted sizes.
The minimum width for most products is 6mm wide.
If you require less than that, send us an email, and we will see if that product is able to be cut as requested.
For roll lengths that are longer or shorter than standard, there will be a minimum of 1 log, and in some cases it will be more than 1 log to minimise tape loss and waste. 
Pricing will be determined on application.

If you are after a large quantity, and there is no extra pricing, you can send us an email, and we will quote you for your requirement.

Using the Distributor List price, or full carton price, 

6mm and below              – 24mm price x 35%
7mm to 9mm                  – 24mm price x 45%
10mm to 12mm              – 24mm price x 60%
13mm to 15mm              – 24mm price x 70%
16mm to 18mm              – 24mm price x 80%
19mm to 21mm              – 24mm price x 90%
22mm to 24mm              – 24mm price
25mm and above           – 24mm price pro rata up

For some products, there may me a minimum number of rolls we need to cut to make it viable.

If you cannot find the price for a product, or are unsure about any pricing, please send an email to