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Husky Tape Converting, as our name suggests, offers much more than just adhesive tape and 
dispensers. We are an Australian owned company with over 40 years of experience. We can customise and provide additional value through our in-house services and our products.



Using the latest computer controlled automated machinery, Husky Tape Converting can slit almost any roll products, adhesive and non-adhesive, to your specifications and requirements.

Tolerances within 0.1mm can be achieved depending on the materials chosen. A wide range of materials can be slit to width and charged at an hourly rate plus set up fee, on either a 25mm or 75mm diameter core.

Log widths of up to 1600mm long can be accommodated, and a range of circular knives, single and double bevelled, and saw tooth blades can cut quickly and cleanly through most foams, films, papers and fabrics.

We also offer razor slitting for most products.

Slitting tape reels on-site at Husky Tape Converting



Many industries now realise the benefits associated with using die-cutting and die-cut pieces in their production. Quick and easy application, saves both time and wasted materials.

Die-cut pieces are used in automotive parts, electronic components, home furnishings etc. Die-cut pieces can be sent with the product for assembly at a later time, such as with ‘DIY’ installations. Die-cut pieces achieve a professional finish with a perfect fit every time.

Die-cut pieces can be produced from a variety of materials, and from a combination of several laminated together. Window gaskets are cut from either single sided or double sided foam tapes.

Double sided foam mounting tabs are produced for mounting posters and signage, consumer items such as bathroom accessories etc. Small cushioning feet or bumpers used at the back of picture frames and mirrors, and under ornaments and appliances are die-cut from various foams, felt and rubber, that is laminated with a suitable adhesive, and supplied in either rolls or sheets.

Double sided tapes and hook and loop fasteners are die-cut for permanent and removable fasteners, reflective tapes and non-slip tapes are die-cut for use in hazardous and safety areas.

Husky die cutting services save time and materials.



Foam and fabric products can be laminated with a double sided tape to make them self adhesive, for sealing doors, windows and hatches, or for soundproofing and acoustic purposes.

Paper and plastic films can be laminated with double sided tapes or transfer adhesives, and can then be laminated to a foam to provide a non-slip or non-scratch product such as computer mouse pads.

Husky Tape can laminate supported films, such as polyester or polypropylene, or non-woven tissues, to reinforce and add strength to your product, as well as provide an exposed adhesive for mounting and fixing.

A choice of adhesives, from synthetic rubber, rubber solvent, hotmelt, emulsion acrylic and solvent acrylic is available, as is a choice of different liner papers and films, we even have a liner paper with printed removal instructions for retail and end-user products.

Products suitable for laminating include open and closed cell foams such as polyethylene, polyurethane, neoprene,EPDM, PVC and EVA, and silicone rubbers, natural rubbers, plastics, felts, woven fabrics and other textiles.

Our laminating machinery can handle rolls up to 1600mm wide, and can provide continuos rolls or cut sheets. Please ask us for more details.



Husky Tape Converting offer a rewinding facility for conversion of adhesive coated and non adhesive products.

Many of the Husky Tape products are manufactured and supplied in long roll lengths and even jumbo size rolls, and must be converted to smaller or shorter rolls and more convenient sizes for final distribution, use and sale. A complete rewinding production service is available at Husky Tape as required.

Our rewinding facility is for the conversion of adhesive coated and non adhesive products from jumbo rolls up to 1600mm wide, rewinding them to common roll lengths such as 4.5m, 10m, 25, 50m, 66m, 75m and 100m, in fact to almost any roll length required.

Conversion of adhesive coated and non-adhesive products.



We can tailor your product packaging to your specifications, such as overall dimensions, material substrate, branding and labelling.

Husky Tape also produce and sell high quality packaging materials and products. Our raw materials are sourced from around the world. Husky Tape custom packaging products are converted and packaged at our head office and factory complex at our Rockdale production facility in Sydney.

From custom printing your brand name on the final tape core and packing cartons, to bar-coding, custom printed labelling and shrink or clam wrapping and packaging

We can tailor your product packaging to your specifications, such as overall dimensions, material substrate and final branding and labelling.



Indent ordering is available for stocked products and bulk ordering.

There are some products such as packaging tape, masking tape and duct tape, mass produced on a global scale, and imported because it is more economical than to produce them here in Australia.

These products can be indent ordered for bulk quantities, and in some cases we can have your own brand name custom printed on the boxes or inside cores. This can have good cost savings on fast moving lines, and help with brand awareness and marketing.