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Replacing my Toll Tag.

One of the best things about being a sales rep, is that I'm not stuck behind a desk, I can get out and meet people. The downside is that I'm on the road a lot, and driving north the other day my windscreen took a hit from a pretty big rock!

Thankfully, I took the option for windscreen and glass replacement on my insurance policy, so at least the new windscreen was fitted for free.

When I picked up the car, they had left the GPS and my toll tag off, and said I could put them back where I wanted.


Tag 02    
My RTA E tag, or toll tag comes with a mounting plate that firstly sticks to the windscreen, and then the toll tag clips on to it.


 Tag 01    
I decided to use Acribond A3110G, the grey colour doesn't stand out as much as the original white, and the Acribond can handle any harsh conditions that the Aussie sun can dish out.

Tag 03    

After I had taken off the old tape from the mounting plate, I cleaned it using one of those IPA wipes you use in first aid situations. Then used another one to clean the area on the windscreen where the plate was going to be mounted.


Tag 04     
     The Acribond tape has great 'wet grab' meaning it has
     high initial holding power . I lined it up, applied
     pressure, and it held straight away.


 Tag 05     
     The Acribond tape is designed to withstand
     high and low temperatures, expand and contract,
     and last for years. The best part was, it only took a few
     minutes and, job done!


A311024G S



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