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Before you hit the golf course . .


Golf is one of the most popular sports around.

And it's not an easy game to master . . . . . believe me I've tried.
Oscar Wilde once said of golf, that it was "the best way to ruin a good walk."
Now don't be discouraged, if your game hasn't improved, or your slicing every shot, I'm sure it isn't you, more likely your equipment.

Maybe you just need a new set of golf grips on those old clubs!
So here's how it is done. 

Gary 01          Gary Tozer, is a golf professional at
     Aussie Custom Golf in Newcastle, and 
     also golf club builder and fitter,
     specialising in custom built golf clubs. 
     Gary gave me some of his time recently,
     and showed me the importance of a properly
     fitted grip to a golf club. 

 Grip01    The first step is to ascertain the correct shaft
     diameter for each player. The club shaft diameter
     can be increased by adding layers of masking tape
     to build up the size of the shaft before fitting the
     grip. Using the new grip as a guide, cut off the
     correct length of Husky 1200 masking tape and
     apply it to the new shaft.

    Grip02 Once you have the right diameter, the next step is
     to apply the double sided tape. Gary prefers to use
     Kikusui 185 tape, as it doesn't add too much
     thickness, and has proven it's reliability over the
     years, in all conditions.

     Always ensure the club head is lined up correctly
     before fitting the new grip.

     The Kikusui 185 is applied the same as the
     masking tape. Using the grip to measure the
     length, cut the tape and apply the tape along the
     shaft. Then wrap the tape smoothly around the
     club shaft. 48mm wide tape should fit perfectly.

      You can't slide the new grip straight onto the
     double sided tape, it will stick before you can
     get it all the way on. Firstly spray the Kikusui 185
     tape with some white spirits or suitable solvent
     and then spray a little inside the new grip and coat
     the inside. Before sliding the grip on, pour out any
     solvent over the grip.
     Kikusui 185 has a rubber solvent adhesive,
     and applying solvent directly onto the adhesive,
     makes it much easier to slide the new grip onto
     the golf shaft. After a short time, the solvent will
     evaporate and the adhesive will be back to
     normal, and securely hold the grip in place.

  Grip06   With a new set of grips, your on your way to your
     first masters.

     It might be worth paying a pro to fit the grips for
     you, and maybe checking that the clubs, and the
     shaft length are right for you.
     I'm sure Gary and his team would be happy to set
     you up and give you a few lessons to help improve
     your game.




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