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Husky Tape is an Australian owned company established in 1971. We import and export a comprehensive range of self adhesive tapes,
from packaging to construction tapes and everything in between. We also provide a range of specialist services such as:
slitting, die cutting, laminating, rewinding and custom labelled products.

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Husky 450 Anti-Slip Tread Tape.


Slip and fall accidents are far more common, and can be far more dangerous than you might think.
They are the second most common accident after motor vehicles, and are the most frequently reported accidents at work.

A quick search of the internet brought up some interesting results. Did you know that 50% of all accidental deaths at home are due to falls? Thank you Google. I'm glad I have some Husky anti-slip tread tape at home . . . . .


45048Bk on stairs 2a    
         For many years, if we wanted some extra
     grip, or wanted to make an area less slippery,
     we reached for a roll of anti-slip tread tape.
     You know the stuff, like black sandpaper on a roll,
     and sticky on the back.     

45048Bk on stairs 1a    
     Self adhesive, just cut off the length you want,
     clean the area and stick it down.
     It is suitable for many different areas, from steps
     and ladders to sporting equipment and vehicles.

    450BY stairs 1a The basic old black, is great for most areas,
     but today there are some far more appropriate
     options available.

     The yellow and black in the picture opposite
     is far easier to see, and highlights the edge of
     the step to help prevent tripping.

450Lumo stairs 1a     
     Husky Tape carry a range of colours to help
     highlight areas that may be hazardous, 
     black, being the most commmon colour,
     but also offer yellow to stand out, and
     yellow and black diagonal stripe as a hazard
     warning tread tape.

     Where you don't want the tape to stand out,
     Husky offer grey, to blend in with concrete,
     much better than the old black, and also
     clear, which has been popular on tiles in foyers
     and reception areas.

     But what about if the lights go out?
     Have you tried walking down the stairs
     in the dark?

450Lumo stairs 2a      
     Well, unfortunately accidents do happen.
     Sometimes it is because the power has gone out,
     and we can't see where we are going.

     The latest addition to the Husky Tape safety range,
     is black anti-slip tread tape with a
     photoluminescent stripe in the centre.

     If you look to the left, you can see the same
     staircase as the picture above, this time with
     the lights out.
     As you can see, the photoluminescent stripe,
     glows in the dark, so you can see where to
     put your foot.

     Husky 450 Anti-slip tread tapes all exceed the
     P5 rating of the AS 4586:2013 slip resistance test.




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