husky tape 230 eco choice

Husky's 230 Eco Choice Packaging Tape

January 21, 2020

230 Eco Choice is an environmentally friendly packaging tape option and it's FOOD SAFE! 

Husky's 230 Eco Choice is biodegradable unlike conventional packaging tapes which negatively impact the environment for decades to come.

Printed with the message “ THIS PACKAGE IS SEALED WITH BIODEGRADABLE TAPE” to enable users of this tape to convey that they are being environmentally responsible. Husky's 230 Eco Choice packaging tape is also 'FOOD SAFE' and is the perfect option for sealing food cartons where materials must comply with Australian 'FOOD SAFE' standards.

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230 Eco Friendly Packaging Tape

Biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Will decompose in landfill and is photodegradable. Ideal for carton sealing, packaging and wrapping. Suitable for hand, desk and bench dispensers. Quiet unwind, and easy to use. Food safe - EC1935/2004 testing. Available in white with green print in 48mm x 50m.

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