Glazing Tapes


Glazing Tapes and Gaskets

Husky Tape carry double and single sided glazing foam tapes,
and can cut them to almost any size, including popular sill
and transom gaskets for window assembly.

 Die-cut Window Gaskets
  • Custom designed for different profiles
  • Supplied on continuous roll or cut sheet
  • Easy to use, fast to apply, no waste
  • Left and right hand gaskets together
  • Single or double sided adhesive foams
  • Available in different thicknesses and densities
 800 Series Single Sided PVC Foam Tape
  • High tack acrylic adhesive
  • Easy to compress
  • Ideal for tight radial curves
  • Available in a range of thicknesses
  • Provided a watertight seal
  • Can be die-cut shapes for gasketing
 7100 Series Glazing Spacer Tape
  • High tack acrylic adhesive
  • High density urethane foam
  • Compatible with most silicones
  • All widths available, cut to order
  • Available in die-cut shapes for gasketing